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Regeneration and Nature discovery

At FTA we love nature and activities in rural and wild areas. We sometimes organize  trek and visits … so on the 2 and 3rd of April, we decided to go at Saha Maintsoanala, Mandraka, one of the closest natural area from Antananarivo managed by the Forestry Departement of the Agronomic High School at the University of Antananarivo. Some of our friends and voluteers from overseas joined us.


The idea was to learn more about existing fauna and flora in Madagascar so we decided that we’ll have a photo competition where we invited each participants to collect maximum photos they could on the way and we’ll compare the best ones after the tours we’ll organize during the 2 days. No need to tell you that it was a very successful competition and we could collect more vivid memories of landscapes and digital photos than expected.

So here is the story:

With our very friendly guide, we went on two different tours in two different areas of Saha Maintsoanala. Everyone was focused observing, trying to find something others won’t find and shooting pictures as soon as they discovered something. In a so short period of time, we could discover and learn a lot and went through very different kind of areas feeling the fresh air and abondance of the forest. Of course, when you are in Madagascar, lemurs are always a center of attraction in such tour. And though Saha Maintsoanala is a genuine open wild place, it seems that the lemurs like to be close to humans there. But during this tour, we found more in terms of fauna and flora. Just watch these collections. Saha Maintsoanala is a nice place to stay. We enjoyed it. The meeting room where we could discuss about the photos and agreed on the winner. The food is also tasty and of course the wilderness. Thanks for those who are protecting our Planet and for those who promote in favor of our biodiversity!


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