ISAP is a web based application development challenge we launched during the CCARDESA Hackathon in August 2015 !

Welcome to ISAP project !

Hi friends, colleagues and hackers !

We are delighted to be part of the First Hackathon organized by CCARDESA during the YOUTH SUMMIT taking place in Durban.

Our small team has started working on this project since the beginning of July and we are on our way to Durban for the 2nd to the 6th of August 2015.

Our project, the Information System for Agricultural Productivity (or ISAP in short) targets mainly small holder farmers representing almost 70% of populations in Africa, extensionists who need information and development agents in general. 

You are welcome to visit this web platform and help us improve this project.

If you are a development agent, the story and the project rationale will help you have an overview of our project. Everything is in draft for now, feel free to leave comments.

If you are an IT geek, a developer, a designer or a hacker, feel free to join us in this adventure. We need your contribution.

We are strongly motivated to change rural world in developing countries and we think that we can bring our contribution through this application.

Technical environment and specifications was decided based on our experience and because of low income conditions of our target users. We want to develop an application with lots of functionalities at a very affordable cost for the users.

Enjoy reading and leave us a message!

ISAP Team. 

We can produce more but we must be sure that market is there!