Farming & Technology for Africa

FTA’s vision

“A world where people live in peace, free from hunger, and surrounded by a healthy environment “

This vision encapsulates the fundamental aspirations of humanity

  • Human Dignity:

    It upholds the dignity of every individual by ensuring their basic needs for sustenance, safety, and a clean environment are met.

  • Global Well-Being:

    Achieving this vision improves the quality of life for people worldwide, fostering greater well-being and prosperity for all.

  • Sustainability:

    It recognizes the need for a sustainable and harmonious relationship between humanity and the planet, safeguarding resources for future generations.

  • Conflict Prevention:

    Peace is a prerequisite for development and human flourishing, making this vision essential for conflict prevention and resolution.

  • Ethical Imperative:

    It reflects a moral imperative to address hunger, conflict, and environmental degradation, reinforcing our shared responsibility to protect and care for one another and our planet.

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