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Video For Development

Since 2012, FTA has been involved in a remarkable initiative aimed at empowering farmers through video production. This project, initially supported by FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa), was established with the primary objective of spreading valuable research findings and innovative agricultural practices to farmers through the medium of video.

The initiative has successfully produced and shared more than 40 informative videos in the first years. FTA’s dedication to the cause continued, with ongoing efforts to disseminate and promote these invaluable resources for farmers. In 2021, with the generous support of AFAAS (African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services) and in collaboration with FCA Madagascar, FTA embarked on the production of even more videos, which were subsequently made available to a wider audience through platforms like YouTube and social media.

Remarkably, some of these videos have garnered a substantial viewership, with certain videos reaching up to 35,000 viewers since their upload on YouTube. This initiative has been instrumental in providing farmers with access to crucial agricultural knowledge and practices, contributing significantly to agricultural development and sustainability.

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