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📸 Best Photograph of the Year Contest 🌾
Are you a photography enthusiast with a keen interest in the agricultural sector and rural development? If so, this contest is tailored just for you!

The Best Photograph of the Year Contest aims to shed light on crucial situations and information relevant to stakeholders in the agricultural and rural development sectors.
Photo Categories:
1. Agricultural Research and Development
2. Agricultural Innovation
3. Agricultural Site Design
4. Technician at Work
5. Farmer at Work
6. Application/Use of Techniques
7. Agriculture Result/Product
Conditions of Participation:
• The participating photographer must be the rightful owner of the photograph.
• Submitted photos will be published without copyright restrictions, for educational and informational purposes within the agricultural sector.
Evaluation Criteria: We will assess photos based on two primary criteria:
1. Photo Quality: Clarity, composition, lighting, and technical proficiency will be considered when evaluating photo quality.
2. Expression of the Photo: The photo should be capable of conveying a story or message without the need for commentary. It should capture the essence of the agricultural situation or information it represents clearly and eloquently.
Winners in each category will receive prizes, but the true reward lies in the opportunity to share your unique perspective on the agricultural sector with the world.
Get your cameras ready and be prepared to capture agriculture from a fresh perspective. Your photos could have a significant impact on rural development and the future of agriculture.


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