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🌱 Announcement of the Best Family Model Garden Contest of the Year 🌱

We are thrilled to introduce the Best Family Model Garden Contest of the Year! The goal of this competition is to celebrate and reward exceptional family gardens that embody the values of permaculture, agroecology, and a commitment to healthy and responsible eating.

🌿 Contest Object: Family Model Garden
🎯 Objective: To highlight the best family gardens each year, promote sustainable gardening practices, and inspire other families to cultivate their own food.
🌾 Characteristics: Evaluation criteria include diversity and companion planting of crops and plants, the use of permaculture and agroecology techniques, continuous maintenance, and a minimum garden size of 25m².
📝 Participation Conditions: To participate, pre-registration is mandatory, at least 3 months before the contest’s closing date. Participants must also consent to the publication of photos of their garden.
🌼 Evaluation Method: Gardens will be assessed through multiple channels, including the submission of photos and videos showcasing the garden, completion of a detailed gardening practices information sheet, on-site visits to observe the garden, and interviews to better understand participants’ techniques and motivations.
Prizes will be awarded to the winners, but the most significant impact lies in the inspiration that your family model garden can provide to other families.

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