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FTA's logo

FTA’s logo carries a profound interpretation that draws inspiration from the natural world. It features two mountains, symbolizing the concept of balance and parity inherent in nature. This balance is reflected in various aspects of the logo and serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things in the natural world.

The idea of parity is expressed through the mountains’ representation of the cyclical nature of life – the ascent followed by the descent, the hidden interior within an external façade, and the notion that a larger mountain can conceal a smaller one. This concept extends to FTA’s work, where trial, experimentation, and learning often precede confirmation and adoption. It underscores the natural order of growth and development.

The logo also draws attention to the complexity and mysteries of nature. While some aspects of the natural world, like water and energy sources, follow well-defined principles and appear stable and harmonious, other elements, such as trees, challenge human understanding. Trees defy gravity, seemingly operating beyond the boundaries of known physical laws. This enigmatic quality of trees symbolizes the vastness of the natural world’s intricacies and the humility of human knowledge in the face of such complexity.

Finally, the logo reflects on humanity’s role in this intricate tapestry of nature. It highlights the profound impact humans have on the environment and raises questions about whether they truly understand the consequences of their actions or have control over the vast and intricate web of natural systems. It encourages reflection on the need for responsible stewardship of the Earth and a deeper understanding of our place within the natural world.

In summary, FTA’s logo serves as a visual representation of the interconnectedness, balance, and mysteries of the natural world. It invites contemplation about the importance of understanding and respecting nature’s complexity while emphasizing the significance of responsible and harmonious coexistence between humans and the environment.


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