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🚁 Announcement of the “Aerial Drone Imaging Contest for Agriculture and Forestry” 🌾

Are you a drone enthusiast with a passion for aerial photography and a keen interest in the agricultural and forestry sectors? If so, this contest offers you a unique opportunity to shed light on agricultural and forestry practices and activities through captivating images captured from the skies!

Objective: The Aerial Drone Imaging Contest for Agriculture and Forestry aims to unveil crucial and educational insights into agriculture through aerial imagery. It encourages creativity and innovation in the use of drones to document and inform about the realms of Agriculture and Forestry.

1. Crop Monitoring
2. Forest Monitoring
3. Natural Resource Mapping
4. Agricultural Education
Conditions of Participation:
• Images must be captured by the participant or their team.
• All submitted images will be published without copyright restrictions, for educational and informational purposes within the Agriculture and Forestry sectors, thereby promoting knowledge sharing.

Evaluation Criteria: We will assess the images based on three primary criteria:
1. Image Quality: Factors such as sharpness, composition, resolution, and overall aesthetic of the aerial photography will be considered in the quality evaluation.
2. Clarity of Message and Information: The image should effectively communicate a clear and informative message without requiring explanatory commentary. It should eloquently narrate an agricultural or forestry story.
3. Educational Relevance: Images should be informative and educational, providing valuable insights into agricultural practices, landscapes, or sector-related issues.
Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category, but the true reward lies in the opportunity to share unique perspectives on agriculture and forestry and contribute to agricultural education.
Prepare your drones and be ready to capture the theme from a fresh perspective! Your images could significantly contribute to the enhancement of the agricultural and forestry sectors and raise public awareness of their importance.

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