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🎨 Announcement of the Agriculture and Rural Development Drawing and Comic Contest 🌾

Are you a passionate artist, a talented illustrator, or a comic enthusiast eager to showcase agricultural activities and rural development through art? If so, this contest offers you an exceptional opportunity to unleash your creativity while raising awareness about agricultural and rural issues!

Objective: The Agriculture and Rural Development Drawing and Comic Contest aims to vividly and educationally illustrate activities, practices, and challenges related to agriculture and rural development.

1. Agricultural Innovation
2. Agricultural Site Design
3. Technician and Extension Worker’s Work
4. Farmer’s Work
5. Researcher’s Work
6. Work of Officials and Decision Makers
7. Application/Use of Agricultural Techniques and Equipment

Conditions of Participation:
• Artworks must be created by the participant themselves.
• All submitted artworks will be published without copyright restrictions, for educational and informational purposes within the agriculture and rural development sectors, thus promoting knowledge sharing.

Evaluation Criteria: We will evaluate the artworks based on three main criteria:
1. Artistic Quality: Originality, artistic technique, expressiveness, and overall aesthetics of the artwork will be considered in assessing quality.
2. Clarity of Message and Information: The artwork should effectively convey a clear and informative message about the agricultural or rural subject it represents, without requiring explanatory commentary.
3. Educational Relevance: Artworks should be informative and educational, providing essential insights into practices, challenges, or achievements in the sector.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category, but the true reward lies in the opportunity to raise public awareness about the challenges and successes of agriculture and rural development.
Prepare your pencils, brushes, and imagination, and be ready to breathe life into agriculture and rural development through art! Your artworks could significantly contribute to a better understanding and renewed appreciation of these vital sectors.

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