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Annual Mobile and Web Applications Contest for Agricultural Development

Description: The Annual Mobile and Web Applications Contest for Agricultural Development in Africa is an exciting initiative aimed at encouraging the creation of simple, open-source, and resource-efficient mobile and web applications specifically designed to meet the needs of farmers in Africa. This competition seeks to promote technological innovation in the agricultural sector and improve the livelihoods of farmers by providing digital tools that are accessible to all, including those with limited literacy.

Contest Conditions:
1. Themes: Participants are invited to create mobile and web applications focused on the following themes:
• Agricultural management
• Weather and climate
• Agricultural markets
• Agricultural training
• Agricultural sustainability
2. Open Source: All submitted applications must be open source, meaning that their source code must be freely accessible and modifiable by the community.
3. Accessibility: Applications should be user-friendly and easy to use, even for users with limited literacy. The user interface should be intuitive and user-friendly, with easily understandable features.
4. Open Source Distribution: Applications developed as part of this contest will be distributed free of charge to the general public as open-source software. Participants must be willing to share their creations with interested communities.

Contest winners will receive rewards in the form of development grants to enhance their application, media visibility, and partnership opportunities.


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