Farming & Technology for Africa

Author name: rakoto sedson

Logo English

FTA’s logo FTA’s logo carries a profound interpretation that draws inspiration from the natural world. It features two mountains, symbolizing the concept of balance and parity inherent in nature. This balance is reflected in various aspects of the logo and serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things in the natural …

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Mission English

FTA’s mission To prepare new generations to undertake simple, thoughtful, sustained, and accessible actions to improve the quality of life of humans, (eradicating poverty and famine) and to act efficiently towards enhancing the quality of life for each individual in harmony with Nature. The mission to prepare new generations to improve the quality of life …

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Vision English

FTA’s vision “A world where people live in peace, free from hunger, and surrounded by a healthy environment “ This vision encapsulates the fundamental aspirations of humanity Human Dignity: It upholds the dignity of every individual by ensuring their basic needs for sustenance, safety, and a clean environment are met. Global Well-Being: Achieving this vision …

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