Farming & Technology for Africa


Agriculture is a key sector in Africa. Improving the agricultural sector is paramount for FTA and Africa to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the fight against malnutrition, famine, and poverty. This focus area aligns with FTA’s goal to prepare new generations for simple, thoughtful, sustained, and accessible actions to improve the quality of life of humans while acting efficiently in harmony with Nature. Here are some of FTA’s actions :

Training in Sustainable Agriculture (Agroecology, Permaculture): FTA’s projects are providing trainings to farmers in sustainable agricultural practices like agroecology and permaculture enhances their knowledge and skills. These methods focus on working with nature rather than against it, reducing the need for expensive inputs like chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Facilitating Communications and Interactions: FTA has been creating platforms for interaction and collaboration among various agricultural stakeholders, such as researchers, extension workers, and farmers fostering knowledge sharing and the dissemination of research findings to inform better farming practices, farmer feedback loops that help researchers and extension workers understand real-world problems and develop practical solutions.

Producing Training and Extension Materials: FTA is developing and distributing training and extension materials in accessible formats (e.g., videos, drawings …) for knowledge transfer. These materials provide farmers with step-by-step guidance on implementing sustainable practices, empower farmers to make informed decisions and adopt best practices.

Using Digital Tools: FTA is leveraging digital technology to improve agriculture. Mobile apps and SMS services are used for delivering weather information and market prices to farmers, enabling them to plan better and secure better prices for their produce. Drone and geographical Information System (GIS) technology are used to help farmers optimize land usage and resource management.

FTA has been pioneering in the development of Rural eMarket platform to connect farmers to buyers and markets in 2013.

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