Farming & Technology for Africa

FTA is an initiative launched in 2008 with the current objectives of contributing to rural development and the well-being of populations. The history of this initiative has been documented on the web and has been capitalized here:

The FTA was then constituted as a legal association, governed by Ordinance 60-133 of Malagasy law since August of the year 2010.

Operating on the basis of a simple and light structure, the association began to multiply its activities and was able to win the trust of new partners and collaborators, both national and international.

With the evolution and the rapid multiplication of these activities, the AG of the FTA decided on December 13, 2013 to reform its governance structure and extend its membership system. The new statutes of the association are available here: A new organization chart was also adopted by the general assembly:



The FTA is open to everyone and to all nationalities.

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